Trust, Social Relations and Engagement

The Value for Engagement (VFE) Model

Trust, Social Relations and Engagement
Understanding Customer Behaviour on the Web

Donatella Padua ~ Palgrave Macmillan

In the Internet Age, horizontal value chains generated by peer-to-peer relationships have to be integrated in economic vertical processes. This means that all institutions, from the economical to the political, to the cultural or technological have to turn their approach into a ‘social’ one. This doesn’t mean embracing a no-profit perspective: indeed it implies designing new trust and engagement strategies to generate positive win-win situations with stakeholders. Through the tools offered by sociology, a specific indication on how to build and measure value out of these strategies is offered by the ‘Value for Engagement Model’. Behind the model, the innovative concept of Value for Engagement allows the definition of focused strategies to build value through achieving the stakeholders’ commitment and activating emotional ties to the organisation. In this new role of ‘pulling’ stakeholders, the prerequisite is to be perceived as trustworthy.


ISBN: 978-0-230-39-124-6